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2024 Conference

Now Accepting Proposals to Present!

This year’s theme, Forward Together: New Paths in Literacy Learning and Teaching, invites us to reflect on the ways that we are strongest as a community, drawing on the expertise found within our classrooms, schools, districts, cities, and networks of educators across the state. This conference will support the forging of alliances to pull together and move forward as one community. Together, we will share research-informed practices around literacy learning and teaching that will carry our students and us forward.

We welcome proposals that address literacy as an inclusive term representing the skills and strategies necessary to actively engage in society, including but not limited to: reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, visually representing, critiquing, and digitally navigating.

We invite you to submit to one of the following strands:

  • Comprehensive – How do we include the whole learner in our literacy practices?
  • Languages – How can we honor and support our learners wide and varied means of expression?
  • Knowledge Building – What does it look like to build our learners knowledge base?
  • Textual Analysis – How do we deeply and critically immerse our learners in the analysis of rich, diverse texts?
  • Teacher Collaboration – In what ways do we support, extend, value, and nurture the teaching practices of our colleagues?

Deadline for proposals (individual, roundtable, poster) is Sunday, June 30, 2024.

Applicants will receive a notification when your proposal is received and will be notified about their acceptance by July 31, 2024. Proposals may be accepted after the deadline at the discretion of the conference coordinators. All parts of the proposal must be completed. See proposal review criteria here.

Accepted presentations may occur on Monday, November 11, 2024 (9 am-6 pm) or Tuesday, November 12, 2024 (8 am-1 pm).

Please note:  As a professional, nonprofit organization, NYSRA is unable to reimburse program participants for any expenses. If attending the conference, accepted presenters must register and pay appropriate conference fees.

Description of Proposals:

Type #1: Individual

Individual presentations are organized into 60-minute sessions. This submission may include, but is not limited to: practitioner research, critical issues related to the literacy community, current practices, acquisition, or instructional strategies. Presenters should be prepared to engage audiences in a lecture, demonstration, or workshop. To help create a diverse representation of topics, perspectives, and scholars, we reserve the right to accept your individual session application as a roundtable or poster session. Please be aware that a limited number of individual sessions will be accepted for the 2024 conference.

Type #2: Roundtable

Roundtables are individual presentations followed by a discussion with a group of people seated around a table. The individual presentations at the roundtables run for 15-minutes, followed by 10 minutes of discussion and feedback from the attendees at the table. After 30 minutes of the presentation, attendees will be asked to select another table and topic. Roundtables are an ideal format for networking and in-depth discussion on a particular topic. Presenters should bring targeted questions to pose to others at the table or handouts in order to learn from and with those attending. Multiple roundtables will be conducted in the same room. Tables will be organized by common topic/themes, targeted audience, or grade level.

Type #3: Poster

College student and faculty poster sessions combine the graphic display of materials with the opportunity for individualized, informal discussion of the student/faculty research throughout a 60-minute session. Poster sessions can be dedicated to the presentation of work-in-progress. Individual presenters set up displays representing their papers in a large area with other presenters.

Type #4: Exhibitor

This session is specifically designed for exhibitors of the conference to share their products and professional resources. As in the past, NYSRA asks that your presentation focus on literacy teaching and learning more generally, but you are able to share your products as part of the presentation. In order to present an exhibitor session, the company must be exhibiting in the exhibit hall.

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