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New York State Reading Association plays an active role in promoting literacy policies as well as informing teachers around the state of governmental practices that affect literacy. The purpose of NYSRA Goal Area of Advocacy is to promote the policies, practices, and procedures that support literacy. NYSRA Advocacy is accomplished through:

Monitoring actions advocated by the Board of Regents, the State Education Department, the NYS Legislature, and the federal government

Monitoring actions of IRA's advocacy initiatives

Recommending legislative priorities and action on those issues that directly impact literacy

Advocating for the literacy needs of students in high needs schools

Providing testimony and policy statements that support NYSRA's advocacy goals

Providing advocacy support and training for members

The Advocacy Goal Area is open to all members to assist in the advocacy of policy, practices and procedures that promote literacy and quality reading instruction. Timely governmental relations reports and updates are sent from NYSRA's Goal Area Coordinator, as well as from IRA's Washington office.