Conference Registration

Registration for the 2016 conference is closed.  

If you have questions about registration please contact

Conference registration form available here.


(Unless otherwise noted, registrations must be postmarked by 10/31/16

to avoid the additional late and on-site registration fee of $25)

NYSRA At-Large Membership                                                                                 $40

(If you are not a member of a local NYSRA Council or hold At-Large Membership in NYSRA, selecting this option qualifies you to take the reduced Conference Member Rates.)

NYSRA Member Rates

Members Early Bird (Must be postmarked before 10/1/16)                                        $175

Full Conference- Member (Includes Monday Lunch)                                                $200

Sunday Only- Member                                                                                                $100

Monday Only- Member (Includes Lunch)                                                                  $125

Non-Member Rates 

Full Conference- Non-Member (Includes Monday Lunch)                                       $275

Sunday Only- Non-Member                                                                                       $150

Monday Only- Non-Member (Includes Lunch)                                                         $175

School Group Rates

(For groups of 3 from a single district. MUST submit all registrations together.)

(Membership not required for these rates.)

(For school groups of 10 or more, contact Mary Kline at 315-867-2079 for large group rates.)

Full Conference- School Group (Includes Monday Lunch)                                      $150

Sunday Only- School Group                                                                                      $100

Monday Only- School Group (Includes Lunch)                                                        $125

Full Time Student Rates

(Must attach a current letter from the College or University to verify full time student status.  Full time status is defined as follows:  Undergraduate- 12+ Credit Hours; Graduate- 9+ Credit Hours.)

Full Conference- Full Time Student (Includes Monday Lunch)                              $75

Sunday Only- Full Time Student                                                                              $30

Monday Only- Full Time Student (Includes Lunch)                                                 $55

Special Ticketed Events

(Additional Cost as Listed.  Price is per person.)

Sunday Charlotte Award Dinner                                                                              $60

Monday Institute- Member                                                                                        $20

Monday Institute- Non-Member                                                                               $30

Monday Institute- School Group                                                                              $25

Monday Institute- Full Time Student                                                                       $15

          Please select institute choice:   Laura Robb or  Tim Shanahan