Conference 2013


Literacy for All Learners

OCTOBER 27 - 29, 2013

Hilton Albany, Albany, NY


Educators from across the state gathered in Albany to consider the question: As we teach to the Common Core Learning Standards, how can we meet the needs of the diverse learners in our classrooms and libraries? The three day conference featured nationally known speakers including


Sandra Athans

Sara Holbrook

Jill Lewis-Spector

Coleen Paratore

Karen Romano Young

Michael Salinger

Jennifer Serravallo

Margaret Sheehy



Richard Allington

Donald Bear

Joseph Bruchac       

Lesa Cline-Ransome

Kathleen Hinchman

Sara Holbrook

Adam Gidwitz

Peter Johnston

Jessica Loy

Susan Beth Pfeffer

James Preller

Laura Robb

Michael Salinger

Cris Tovani            

Marvin Terban

Karen Romano Young



Ann Burg

Debbie Dadey

Jacqueline Davies

Stephanie Harvey

Michelle McAnuff-Gumbs

Anne McGill-Franzen

Geoff Rodkey

Donna Scanlon

Marvin Terban

Also scheduled to appear are authors Ann Burg, Jacqueline Davies, Susan Beth Pfeffer, Lesa Cline-Ransome, Geoff Rodkey, and Adam Gidwitz and many other speakers including state and local education experts.